Integrated development toolset for REBOL

Just what is the STEEL project?

  • OSI Compliant (see licensing terms)
  • Code which plays well with your existing code
  • IN REBOL, FOR REBOL, BY a seasoned REBOL coder
  • FREE!

What STEEL is NOT!

  • It is not a code editor
  • Something you should base release-ready apps, unless you speak with authors for more details about what is ready and what is not
  • Complicated to setup


STEEL is the culmination of years of design and several prototypes on different OSes, and even in different programming languages. Although the plans have changed, the heart and intent of the project are still very similar.

One must note that this is an ongoing project and is not near the level of completion its author(s) would like to achieve. The package has been steadily evolving for the better part of the last two years and some of the tools are now usable in release level applications.

Most tools are library modules, meaning they where meant to be integrated into other sources, it was not just an after thought. I hope you find it easy to integrate some, or all of STEEL into your development workflow.

STEEL is currently being developed in the REBOL language, cause it seems to have been engineered to be part of STEEL.


The STEEL site is under heavy re-construction and there might be some little issues here or there.


There will also be a steady flow of revisions and new pages. This is a new commitment. I have so many useful and stable tools, I wish more users were saving time with them. That's why I'm pushing the documentation front, so that people understand how large STEEL has now become, and just how much stuff is out there already!

last updated: 1-Aug-2004/15:08:36-4:00